Academic Fit
  • Screening of applicant documents.

  • Asses and advice on options.

Post Application & Visa
  • Nostrification Provison ·The requirement to present an acknowledgement certificate of your former education abroad, called validation of foreign studies and degrees, recognition of educational documents, or in Czech “nostrifikace”.

  • Medical insurance provision.· This may be required upon submitting or during for the visa process application.We can support in providing the medical insurance coverage for students in the Czech republic.

  • Accommodation. · We can facilitate accommodation in university hostels, private apartments .

  • Meet & Greet.

  • In-country foreign registration support.

  • Bank account opening.

Application process
  • Applicant commitment to the process.

  • University application fees.

  • Providing detailed application requirement.

  • Support in completing and submitting application form.

  • Follow up during application process.

  • Provision of a dedicated email address.

  • 24/7 support .

Contact us if you have any questions

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